None of the personal information recorded at Stig Rossen Shop will ever be passed on, sold or made available to a third person. All information is kept safely and will only be available for trusted employees at Stig Rossen Shop.

In connection with electronic payment the web shop system is using a safe encrypting method. The system is a licensed operator with approval from the E-mark.

The shop system is using so called cookies to administrate the contents of the shopping cart. A cookie is merely the name of a file, which is saved on your own PC. Furthermore it is possible to ask the system to save your own address information for next visit. If you should at some point wish to delete this information you can do this through the browser settings. In Internet Explorer for instance you go to the menu ”tools” and the menu line ”Internet options”.

During a purchase we require information about name, address, phone no. and e-mail address. We only use his information to carry out the order. The information is transmitted and saved electronically in the unencrypted form and saved for 5 years. The “contract” itself (the purchase agreement) is not saved at Stig Rossen Shop in a way that enables you to log in later and see/change status.

We also have to inform you that we record the IP-address from which any kind of purchase has been made. Normally this information will not be used for anything but it will be required in case of police investigation. All false orders will be reported to the police!

Besides you can choose to put your email-address in a mailing list at Stig Rossen Shop and thus receive news and other kind of information from Stig Rossen Shop. This service can be subscribed or unsubscribed as requested.